Herewith is the list of Barangay with dreadful dengue cases.

As such, Miagaowanons are told to not just remember but practice 4S to prevent the disease: search and destroy breeding place, seek early consultation, observe self protection; and say no to indiscriminate fogging.

DocMac: Go out and register

DocMac: Go out and register

July 19, 2016


Miagao, Iloilo – Mayor Macario”DocMac” Napulan advised the public to take advantage of the 15-day period of registration on July 15 to 30 for the upcoming Barangay and SK elections in October 2016.


                To register to vote for the SK polls, voters must be 15 years old but not more than 30 years old on election day and must have been residing in the barangay for at least six months on election day.  On the other hand, voters in the barangay polls must be 18 years old on or before October 2016, must have been resided in the country for at least a year and must be residing in the barangay for at least six months before election day.


                To register, the applicant must personally appear before the COMELEC office and present any of the following identification documents that bear his/her photograph and signature:

  1. Current employee’s identification card (ID), with the signature of the employer or authorized representative;
  2. Postal ID;
  3. Student’s ID or library card, signed by the school authority;
  4. Senior Citizen’s ID;
  5. Driver’s license;
  6. NBI/PNP clearance;
  7. Passport;
  9. Integrated Bar of the Philippine (IBP) ID;
  10. License issued by the PRC and;
  11. Any other valid ID.


The Municipality of Miagao is this time a Hall of Fame Awardee as Outstanding Local Government Unit on Ecological Solid Waste Management (SWM) Program (Municipal Level. 

The Plaque of Recognition and cash prize was received by Mayor Macario N. Napulan in a ceremony relative with the celebration of the Provincial Solid Waste Management Awareness Week held at the Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center  on December 15, 2013.

            The forerunners of the LGU program on solid waste management are Ms. T. Arlene Nufuar of the General Services Office and Mr. Isidro Mosura of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office.  According to Mr. Mosura, it was an intensive evaluation. 

 This time, Mr. Mosura said the provincial evaluation team from the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office conducted only series of announced visits to the public market, Municipal Recovery Facility (MRF), public buildings, parks and plazas and street canals, and at the municipal eco-park in Brgy. Tugura-ao.  They also conducted random house check on whether or not solid waste management program had indeed reached the household level.

            The evaluators looked into the segregation and collection facilities, MRF for biodegradable wastes, MRF for recyclable wastes, 10-year Plan, incentives and penalties, waste reduction program and rehabilitation of waterways and drainage, livelihood created and financial returns, pollution control programs initiated, health and sanitation practices, and greening initiated programs

            Among the best practices presented to the evaluators during were: use of garbage ticker, No segregation, No Pick-up Policy, established and functional of the Solid Waste Management Board, organized and functional Ecological Solid Waste Management Committee (barangay level), enacted Municipal Environment Code and the active public-private partnership in the implementation of solid waste management programs.

            For his part, Mayor Napulan acknowledges the efforts of all sectors involved in this endeavor.  Solid waste management is among the top priority concerns of Mayor Napulan’s administration as he aggressively campaigns on zero waste by the end of his term. 

Relatively, the local government has successfully launched the Miagao Action on Cleanliness (MAC) program, a school base solid waste management program which aims to draw out participation of schools and its pupils embarking on the rationale that the best time to raise the social awareness on solid waste management among the populace is when they are still young.


The local government of the Municipality of Miagao, in tandem with the Land Bank of the Philippines – Miagao, now adopts the Automated Teller Machine Payroll Facility in disbursing salaries and benefits to their employees effective December 15, 2013.


The effort was formally laid down through the signing of the memorandum of agreement on October 21, 2013 by Mayor Macario N. Napulan for the local government and branch manager Ms. Rocel Gargarita for the Land Bank of the Philippines – Miagao.  It was signed in the presence of Vice Mayor Leonardo Naldoza, Sangguniang Bayan members Maria Teresa Jambre and Patricio Fio and some local government department heads.


            After having decipher the advantages of the using the ATM Payroll Facility, Mrs. Glenda Losanta, OIC – Municipal Treasurer pushed for the realization of this program which according to her would safeguard the local government’s resources  and at the same time protect the disbursing officer from liabilities since it will reduce cash possessions.


Mrs. Losanta further explained that the ATM Payroll Facility enables automatic crediting of LGU employee’s salaries to the employee’s individual ATM payroll account.  Employee’s need only to maintain a minimum balance of P100.00 in their ATM payroll account to keep it in active status.  The project initially benefits nearly 159 plantilla personnel who have fast and easy access to their accounts.


The employees may likewise enroll their accounts under Land Bank’s Phone Access so they can do banking transactions such as account balance, bills payment and fund transfer, among others, Mrs. Losanta said.