Republic of the Philippines
Province of Iloilo
Tel. No. 315-80-50 


Present were:

Atty. Ramil M. Naciongayo


Jane N. Valenzuela

Vice Chairman

Engr. Diosdado F. Facon
Tomasa Arlene N. Nufuar


Cheryl N. Monreal

Head,  Secretariat

Rey F. Nacisvalencia

Secretariat Member

Engr. Franco Carlo M.  Monteclaro
Aida F. Deramas
Valsermar Cernan Faicol

TWG Head
TWG Member
TWG Member

Ramona V. Nacanaynay

TWG Member

Nicanor Flonasca

NGO Representative – Observer

Gina Bañez

Representative of Iloilo City Hardware Inc.


  1. Business Matters:

The Bidding for the Supply and Delivery of Materials and Supplies for the Improvement of Municipal Premises, Miagao, Iloilo was called to order at 2:28 p.m. of October 1, 2013 at the Conference Room  of the Municipal Building and was presided by the BAC Vice Chairman Jane N. Valenzuela as authorized by the BAC Chairman Atty. Ramil M. Naciongayo. The roll was called and declared a quorum.

  1.  Iloilo City Hardware Inc. was the sole bidder. Bid received at 1:15 p.m.
  1. Eligibility Check:

Bidder No. 1: Iloilo City Hardware Inc.



(a) Eligibility Documents


a. Class “A” Documents




i. Registration certificate from SEC, Department of 

 SEC Registration No. 0102522

Trade and Industry (DTI) for sole proprietorship, or


CDA for cooperatives, or any proof of such


registration as stated in the Bidding Documents




ii. Mayor’s permit issued by a city or Municipality  

 Mayor’s Permit issued by the Office

where the principal place of business of the

 of the City Mayor, City of Iloilo

prospective bidder is located.

 Permit No. 2013-0006361


Date of Issue: February 21, 2013





government and private contracts within the period


stated in the BDS, including contracts awarded but not


yet started, if any. The statement shall include, for


each contract, the following:


(iii.1) name of the contract;


(iii.2) date of the contract;


(iii.3) kinds of Goods;


(iii.4) amount of contract and value of outstanding




(iii.5) date of delivery; and


(iii.6) end user’s acceptance or ofiicial receipt(s) issued


for the contract, if completed.




iv. Audited financial statements, stamped “received” by

 Stamped “RECEIVED” by the BIR

the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) or its duly

on  April 30, 2013

accredited and authorized institutions, for the


preceding calendar year, which should not be earlier


than two (2) years from bid submission;



v. NFCC computation or CLC in accordance with ITB


Clause 5.5; and




Class “B” Documents


(vi) If applicable, the JVA in case the joint venture is

Not Applicable

already in existence, or duly notarized statements from


all the potential joint venture partners stating that


they will enter into and abide by the provisions of the


JVA in the instance that the bid is successful.




(b) Technical Documents


(i) Bid Security in accordance with ITB Clause 18.


If the Bidder opts to submit the bid security in the form




(i.1) a bank draft/guarantee or an irrevocable letter

Manager’s Check – P 35,445.00

of credit issued by a foreign bank, it shall be

China Bank, Check No. 0000012758

accompanied by a confirmation from a Universal

Dated September 30, 2013

Commercial Bank; or




(i.2) a surety bond, it shall be accompanied by a


certification by the Insurance Commission that the


surety or insurance company is authorized to issue


such instruments;




(ii) Conformity with technical specifications, as


enumerated and specified in Sections VI and VII of the


Bidding Documents; and




(iii) Sworn statement in accordance with Section 25.2


(a)(iv) of the IRR of RA 9184 and using the form


prescribed in Section VIII. Bidding Forms.






(a) Financial Bid Form, which includes bid prices and


the bill of quantities and the applicable Price Schedules,


in accordance with ITB Clauses 15.1 and 15.4;




(b) If the Bidder claims preference as a Domestic Bidder


or Domestic Entity,a  certification from DTI, SEC, or


CDA issued in accordance with ITB Clause 27; and




© Any other document required in the BDS.

 Not Applicable




Opening and Examination of Bids and Determination of Responsiveness


Reading of Bids and the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC)

A. Required Bid Security

Form of Bid Security

Amount of Bid Security

 (Equal to Percentage of the ABC)

  1. Cash, cashier’s/manager’s check, bank draft / guarantee confirmed by a Universal or Commercial Bank.



two percent (2%)


P 35,445.00

  1. Irrevocable letter of credit issued by a Universal or Commercial Bank: Provided, however, that it shall be confirmed or authenticated by a Universal or Commercial Bank, if issued by a foreign bank.
  1. Surety Bond callable upon demand issued by a surety or insurance company duly certified by the Insurance Commission as authorized to issue such security.


five percent (5%)


  P 88,612.50

  1. Any combination of the foregoing.


Proportionate to share of form with respect to total amount of security.


Bidder’s Name

Name/Type of Bid Security

Amount of Bid Security

Amount of Bid as Read

  1. Iloilo City Hardware Inc.

Manager’s Check

China Bank

Check NO. 0000012758

Dated September 30, 2013

P 35,445.00

P 1,771,624.50

B. Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) – P 1,772,250.00

The committee will again meet for the succeeding schedule of activities.

There having no other remaining topics for discussion, the bidding was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


Prepared by:


                      Head, BAC Secretariat

                                                                                                     Noted by:


                                                                                                                        ATTY. RAMIL M. NACIONGAYO

                                                                                                                                   BAC Chairman