Section 49. Operation of Gasoline Stations.
a.All gasoline stations located in the municipality shall install oil and water separation facility including facilities in the storage of used oil and grease into sealed receptacles. All these are mandatory preconditions before the issuance of business permits by the municipal government.
b.Gasoline stations shall ensure that their underground storage tanks are always in good condition by under taking periodic maintenance and monitoring fugitive effluents.
c.The gasoline station operators shall ensure the safety from fire and explosion hazards of their respective facilities by installing appropriate signage for the general public and by attaching proper gadgets and devices to prevent gaseous of fume emissions.
d.They shall provide for assessment or buffer zone of at least (50) meters from actual or potential ground water resources, banks of rivers or the other bodies of water traversing or adjoining the same.
e.Adequate drainage system should be provided for liquid run off from decaying or degrading matters.
f.Pest control measures should be applied to prevent contamination of surrounding areas.
g.Shrubs and trees should be planted around the site and on open spaces and buffer strip to preserved ecological areas.
h.They shall not adversely affect the appropriate or profitable uses of the other properties in the area and must be constructed/located at least one (1) kilometer away from the forty-kilometer marker near the Roman Catholic Church. 
Section 50. Disposal of Clinic Wastes.  All clinics, both private and public, and other health establishments shall dispose their clinical waste in accordance with the duly approved practices technologies by the Department of Health.
Section 51. Limitation on Production Capacity. All industrial, manufacturing and similar business establishments shall operate only within the capacity limits of their respective waste treatment facilities in order to maintain the quality of the environment within the standard require by the Municipal Government.
Section 52. Use of Farm Chemicals. All users of fertilizers, pesticides, and other farm chemicals in the farms, plantations and other places shall observe precautionary measure in handling, applying, storage and disposal as well as safety practices as indicated in the labels of the chemicals and instructions of farm technician.
Section 53. Fines and Penalties. Any person violating Section 49-52, of this Code shall suffer the penalty of fine One Thousand Pesos (Php1,000.00) or an imprisonment from 15 to 30 days or both fine and imprisonment in case of business establishments, manufacturing firms corporation or the like.