Section 54. Urinating in Public Places. Urinating in public places, plaza, markets, schools, streets, roads and sideways is prohibited. Violation of this provision by any person shall be punishable by a fine of Five Hundred Pesos (Php500.00).
Section 55. Public Markets. The provisions on the cleanliness and sanitation of public markets in the Health and Sanitation Code of 1996 and other laws are hereby incorporated into this Code.
Section 56. Operation of Slaughterhouses. All slaughterhouses both public and private shall be equipped with appropriate and adequate disposal facilities for solid discards and wastewater, as well as disinfections system for the maintenance of hygienic conditions within their premises.
Section 57. Operation of Funeral Parlors. All funeral parlors performing embalming shall dispose their waste into a septic tank. 
Section 58. Cemeteries. 
a.Adequate drainage system should be provided for liquid run off from decaying of degrading matter.
b.Pest control measures should be applied to prevent contamination of surroundings areas
c.Shrubs and trees should be planted around the site and on an open space as buffer strip to preserve ecological balance.
d.Sanitary requirements of the sanitation Code and other existing laws, particularly those referring to final procedures in case of the incidence of epidemic or communicable diseases should be complied with. 
Section 59. Radio Transmitting Station and Cell Sites.
a.They shall be located within commercial or institutional utility zones.
b.Their surrounding maintenance shall be the exclusive responsibility of the applicant and/or person running them.
c.Where the public welfare demands, however, they may not be deprived location in some residential zones provided the proceeding conditions applied with; provided, however, those powerful or high voltage transmitter/antennae which mat cause electric interference or excessive electromagnetic radiation, which would be hazardous to Telecommunication Control Bureau and other competent national authorities, shall not be allowed.
Section 60. Open Storage.
a.They should be located within reasonable distance from schools, churches, hospitals and other buildings, preferably 100 meters away or more.
b.Their sound maintenance shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant.