Section 68. Statement of Policy.  It is hereby declared the policy of the municipality to:
1.Promote conservation and ensure sustainable and equitable utilization of its coastal areas and resources in conformity with the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998.
2.Ensure, for the benefits and enjoyment of the people of Miagao, Province of Iloilo the judicious and wise utilization, protection, conservation and management on a sustainable basis of its coastal and fishery resources with the necessity of maintaining a sound ecological balance and protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment.
3.Protect the rights of the small and marginal fishers in the preferential use of communal coastal and fishery resources.
4.Allow people’s full and active participation in the conservation and management of the coastal and fishery resources and shall promote awareness of sustainable fisheries through appropriate education and training.
5.Provide full support for sustainable fisheries in the municipal waters through appropriate technology and research adequate financial production, and marketing assistance, and other services.
6.Allow the private individuals or entities to utilize fishery resources under the basic concept that the grantee, licensee or permittee thereof shall not only be privileged beneficiary of the municipality, but also an active participant and partner of the municipal government in the management, development, and protection of the fisheries and coastal resources of the municipality.
7.Promote and adhere to the precautionary principle of conservation, management and exploitation of living coastal and fishery resources in order to assure the sustainable development of the coastal environment. The absence of adequate scientific and technical information should not be used as a reason for postponing or failing to take conservation and management measures.
Section 69. Comprehensive Municipal Fishery Code of 2008. The Comprehensive Municipal Fishery Code of 2008 (Municipal Ordinance No. 02, series of 2008), which was enacted before the enactment of this Code, is hereby adopted. Its publication as a separate document does not affect its effectivity in relation to this Code.