1. Good Governance and Transparency
  2. Agricultural and Fishery Development
  3. Economy and Tourism
  4. Infrastructure Development
  5. Health and Sanitation
  6. Educational Development
  7. Empowerment of the Barangays
  8. Environmental Management and Protection
  9. Maintenance of Peace and Order
  10. Youth and Sports Development



  1. Good Governance to achieve quality public service where transparency, accountability and public participation are seriously observed.
  2. Promotion of Integrated Agricultural and Fishery Programs as key towards economic development.
  3. Development of robust economy and the promotion of tourism as major catalyst in economic development.
  4. Implementation of bolder infrastructure projects particularly Road construction and Improvement in support to economic development and social progress.
  5. Implementation of effective Health and Sanitation Program by improving the capabilities of the MHO and the Barangay Health Stations (BHS) in order to provide satisfactory and quality health and sanitation services.
  6. Implementation of an Integrated Approach to Educational Development where Technical and Vocational Courses are given greater support while placing the quality of elementary and secondary education as primary consideration in the implementation of educational programs and projects.
  7. Empowerment of barangays as Autonomous Local Government Units by providing Barangay Officials the necessary skills and knowledge in governance and educating the people of their basic rights and privileges.
  8. Strengthening the Environmental Management and Protection Programs, complementary to the existing Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Climate Change Plans.
  9. Maintenance of Peace and order condition of the town by providing necessary support program to the PNP, Military, including the Fire Department and Civilian Volunteer Counterparts.
  10. Development of youths as responsible members of the society thru sports and community involvement programs.