Demonstrating unwavering dedication, Congresswoman Janette L. Garin and Mayor Richard Garin meticulously supervised the third round of the Bantay Kalusugan Health Caravan at the Regional Evacuation Center on May 20, 2024.
The third batch of the Bantay Kalusugan initiative is a testament to Congresswoman Garin’s enduring commitment to the health and well-being of the Miagaoanons. Recognizing the indispensable value of continuous medical support, Congresswoman Garin has reinstated the program to address the ongoing healthcare needs of the community.

Three CTG Members Surrender

Another three members of the Communist Terrorist Group have voluntarily surrendered to the 61st Infantry Hunter Battalion at Camp Monteclaro, Barangay Igtuba, Miagao on May 20, 2024.
In his address, Mayor Richard Garin emphasized the significance of this capitulation, asserting that such acts are crucial steps towards the community’s aspirations for a more harmonious and peaceful municipality.
Following this commendable gesture, Mayor Garin personally extended financial assistance to the former insurgents. Concurrently, he facilitated the provision of government support, including educational aid, to aid in their reintegration into society.

On time for the celebration of the 9th Charter Anniversary of Iloilo Science and Technology University on May 15, 2024, Mayor Richard Garin announced the groundbreaking of a state-of-the-art educational facility, generously funded by Congresswoman Dr. Janette L. Garin.
This significant contribution underscores Dr. Garin’s unwavering commitment to advancing educational infrastructure and fostering academic excellence within the region.
The new building, equipped with contemporary amenities and designed to facilitate a conducive learning environment, stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing the educational landscape. The infrastructure project not only symbolizes progress and development but also signals a bright future for the University’s expanding academic community.
As ISAT-U continues to grow and evolve, the addition of this new facility promises to further enrich the educational experiences of its students, providing them with an optimal setting to cultivate their knowledge and skills. The University’s administration represented by its campus administrator Dr. Ramon Emmanuel, expressed its profound gratitude to Congresswoman Garin for her instrumental role in this transformative initiative, envisioning it as a cornerstone for many future achievements.