‘Quo Vadis Miagao?’

Mayor Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr bares his Ten Point Executive Agenda for the next three years of his administration during 2nd day of the ELA formulation earlier today.
1. Health and Pandemic Response & Recovery
2. Infrastructure Development
3. Livelihood, Labor, and Employment Program
4. Agricultural and Fishery Development
5. Tourism Development and Promotion
6. Economic Enterprise Development
7. Peace & Order and Public Safety
8. Education and Social Welfare Development
9. Environmental Management and Protection
10. Youth and Sports Development
Let us join him in his dream for Miagao to be a better place for Miagaowanons!

‘More TUPAD beneficiaries’

Through the consistent request of Mayor Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr to favor the Miagaowanons more of government assistance and programs, some 130 Miagaowanons are up to avail of the DOLE Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa ating Disadvantaged/ Displaced Workers.
Photos show their contract signing for their emergency employment of 10- days to do social community projects such as debris cleaning, de-clogging of canals, stockpiling and clearing.

Farmers and fisher folks orgs get assistance from Sen . Go, VG Garin

On time for the death anniversary of former Congressman Oscar Garin, Vice Governor Christine Garin and Mayor Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr chose to give out Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) to 130 Miagaowanon farmers and fisher folks.
The recipient received P5,000.00 as additional capitalization or for use in the purchase of farm inputs. Vice Governor Garin said that the fund was from the Senator Bong Go and was channeled through the DSWD.
“Do not only repay kindness, pass it on,” both Vice Governor Garin and Mayor Garin said quoting the guiding principle of their father.
Mayor Garin also thanked Senator Bong GO, VG Garin, and the DSWD for choosing the Miagaowanons as beneficiaries of this project.

Mayor RSG joins ERPAT family day

“Every private individual has its own private responsibility. Do not let young age or poverty hinders us in nation building. Ang tagsa kanaton duon has our responsibility sa ikaayad man kang aton banwa,” said Mayor Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr during the Empowerment of Paternal Abilities (ERPAT) Family Day.
Mayor Garin also lauded the initiative of the MSWDO especially that the program invests on emotions as it revisits their role in their family and the community.
The family day was a gathering of all organized groups in Miagao to include Solo Parent, OFW Family Circle, PWD, Elderly, KALIPI, ERPAT and Day Care Workers, among others.