On Gawad Parangal, Napulan: ‘It challenged me to do more’

On Gawad Parangal

Napulan: ‘It challenged me to do more’

MIAGAO, Iloilo – On top of the recognition as one of the Outstanding Local Chief Executives of the Philippines, for Miagao Mayor Macario Napulan, MD the Award has served as his inspiration and challenge to do even more for the people of Miagao in particular in the field of social governance.

“I am thankful to the people of Miagao for their support and for showing me that they are contended with the kind of service that I am giving (them).  This Award has in fact challenged me to serve and do even more,” said Mayor Napulan in his message before members of the panel of evaluators for the validation of his entry for the 2019 Gawad Parangal for Outstanding Local Chief Executives.

According to Mayor Napulan, he considered social governance is his top priority among other areas of local governance.  In his stint as Municipal Mayor, Miagao has steadfastly gained momentum and had earned significant development outputs and notable recognitions to include Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance, Seal of Good Local Governance, Seal of Good Housekeeping, Seal of Good Education Governance, Excellence in Local Governance, Gawad Kalasag, Pasidungog sa Nutrisyon Champion, among others.  These accomplishments granted him the recognition as Outstanding Local Chief Executive of the Philippines, 1st to 3rd Class Municipality in the Gawad Parangal 2018 by the Association of the Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines Inc. (ALSWDOPI).

In his statement, Mr. Larry Petinglay, Gawad Parangal Chairperson for Visayas said that the Miagao, under the watch of Napulan, is incomparable.

“You are truly inspiring. Congratulations for a very comprehensive presentation.  Congratulations for making Miagao a great town,” he said.

For 2019 validation, the evaluators looked into the following as criteria:

  1. Annual Investment Plan, Comprehensive Local Development Plan and Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the last three years
  2. Narrative accomplishments with action photos focusing on the implementation of local social welfare and development programs and services within a year (based on LGPMS rating (2017-2018)
  3. Introduced innovative social welfare and development interventions and good practices
  4. Enacted Local Legislation in support to local social welfare and development programs.
  5. Appropriated funds for the implementation of local social welfare and development program/projects and services.
  6. Awards and commendations received.

The criteria were well answered in a 20-minute video presentation of total of forty three (43) LGU initiated programs and projects and best practices in the field of social governance namely Support to Education and Sustainable Livelihood Program, Oplan Salbar Bata, Child Development and Supplementary Feeding Program, Alay Lakad for ALS Learners, Miagao Assistance to College Students Program, Project DOK, I am for HOPE Project, 24/7 First Aid and Birthing Clinic, Basura Mo, Pagkaon Ko Project, Love and Care for the Elderly, Special Program for the Employment of Students, Support for Differently Abled Persons, Labor Market Information and Employment Facilitation Program, Senior Citizens’ Welfare Program, Women’s Month Celebration, Child and Youth Welfare Development Program, AICS in 15-minutes, Pre marriage Counseling, Solo Parent association of Miagao, Aftercare Transformation and Re-Integration for PWUDS, MAC Growth Program, DSWD Convergence Framework, Establishment of Animal Bite Treatment Center, Zero Open Defecation, Health and Nutrition Program, Project TOKSAM, Pasyente Ko, Sugaton Ko, Ugnayan sa Komunidad, Organic Agriculture Program, Cash for Work, Gulayan sa Barangay Health Station, Project BEST, Tourism Promotion and Development, Forest and Climate Change Protection Project, Local Economic Enterprise Development, Social Insurance and Protection, Social Protection for indigent Senior Citizen, Adaptation Management of Children, Referral of Abused, Neglected and Abandoned Children, We ACCESS, and Opening and Concreting of Farm to Market Roads.

Earlier, the Office of the Social Welfare and Development Officer headed by Mrs. Rosalinda Mueda and OIC-Municipal Administrator John F. Nocal earlier submitted a more or less 1000-page attachment to ensure that all areas of the criteria are justified.

“I am thankful that the people of Miagao are happy for having me as their leader,” concluded Mayor Napulan who won by a margin of 25,000 votes against his opponent in the 2019 elections.

Gawad Parangal is an annual search for outstanding service in the field of social work among local leaders and social workers.  The Search is initiated by the ALSWDOPI, a professional organization of the provincial, city and municipal social welfare and development officers in the country.

Result will be announced anytime soon and the awarding will be held at SMX MOA in Manila. (ABMande)


Creates Anti-Coronavirus Task Force

MIAGAO, Iloilo – In the light of the widespread of 2019  Coronavirus (2019-nCov), Mayor Macario N. Napulan, MD created through Executive Order  2002-009 the Anti-Coronavirus Task Force to prevent the spread of the disease in the Municipality.

Chaired by Mayor Napulan himself, a doctor by profession, the Task Force was tasked to intensify information education campaign against Coronavirus and implement programs, projects and services necessary to promote the health and well-being of every Miagaowanons.

The task force will work on the aspects of prevention, containment and control, anti-coronavirus information management, local crisis management and environmental health management.

On Prevention, the task force was tasked to set-up Information or Call Center to facilitate the reporting of coronavirus suspects and contacts, conduct barangay wide-clean-up campaign and organize a minimum of one Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT)  in every 5,000 population.

On Containment and Control, the task force will receive records of persons arriving in the municipality from coronavirus affected country, provide logistical assistance to the BHERTS in carrying out their task, refer and transport coronavirus suspect to DOH designated referral centers and dispel rumors and calm down the people when hysteria and panic grip the community because of false and misleading information about the virus.

On Information Management, the task force will conduct consultation on the guidelines and protocol relative to the safety measures, and prevention and control of the virus, disseminate information materials, tap the local media in communication, and conduct public dialogue among others.

On Local Crisis Management to organize the BHERT, provide protective gadgets to each of the members of BHERT, monitor the prices of medicines and preventive gadgets and file charges against hoarding or overpricing, and in coordination with the police authorities, cause the establishment of check points if needed.

On Environmental Management, the task force is expected to ensure that garbage is properly disposed, and ensure that public places and areas are cleaned and disinfected.

Meantime, each of the managers designated in the Issuance are making plans to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities as ordered. (ABMande)