20% IRA Fund Utilization 2012

CY 2012
SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT-    (8,200,000.00)                    AMOUNT
Advocacy Program for Peace and Order and Safety 550,000.00
Poverty Reduction Program                  300,000.00
Livelihood Program and Skills Training  150,000.00
Sports Develoment Program and Healthy Lifestyle 200,000.00
Enhancement of Health Services (NHIP) 700,000.00
Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) 1,000,000.00
Operation of First Aid Clinic (24-Hour Emergency Clinic) 1,050,000.00
Purchase/ Construction and Improvement of Government Facilities               4,000,000.00
and Community Development  
a. Completion of Covered Court – 500,000.00  
b. Slaughterhouse – 1,000,000.00  
c. Others including aid to barangays, improvement of buildings, etc. – 2,500,000.00  
Lot Survey and other Expenditures                  100,000.00
 (Subdivision survey and other related expenditures)  
Other Projects Related to Social Development 150,000.00
Ecological Solid Waste Management 600,000.00
Clean and Green Initiatives              400,000.00
Other Projects Related to Environmental Management             100,000.00
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT     (6,006,038.00)                    
Small Farm Reservoir (Water Impoundment)                  120,000.00
Livestock, Poultry and Swine  and other animals                  400,000.00
Cooperative/Institutional Development                   100,000.00
Development of Bambuseetum/Other trees                  100,000.00
Forestry/Watershed Area Development/Comprehensive                   400,000.00
Tree Planting and Forest Protection  
a. Nursery/Tree Planting/Watershed Management- 250, 000  
b. Fruit Trees/Seedlings Propagation-150,000.00  
Fishery Development                  250,000.00
Food Security Program/Vegetable Propagation                  150,000.00
Poverty Eradication Initiatives/Assistance for the Poor and the Needy                  500,000.00
Promote and Develop Tourism                  750,000.00
a. Celebration of Foundation Anniversary/Salakayan Festival- 700,000.00  
b. Other Tourism Initiatives- 50,000.00  
Purchase, Construction and Improvement of Government Facilities 3,050,000.00
 -Economic Services  
a. Concreting of  Roads -400,000.00  
b. Improvement of Municipal Cemetery-200,000.00  
c. Improvement of Irrigation Facilities- 200,000.00  
d. Improvement of FITS/Community Learning Center- 250,000.00  
e. Others (including Improvement and Asphalting of Roads)-2,000,000.00  
Other Projects Related to Economic Development including Water System 186,038.00
TOTAL   15,306,038.00