Present were:

Tomasa Arlene N. Nufuar


Atty. Carmelo N. Nochete

Vice Chairman

Engr. Diosdado F. Facon

Larry F. Munion



John F. Nocal

Arjane N. Polido

Engr. Franco Carlo Monteclaro

Valsermar Cernan Faicol

Ramona Nacanaynay


NGO Representative

TWG Head

TWG Member

TWG Member

Arjane N. Polido

NGO Representative

Cheryl M. Notorio

Head,  Secretariat

Jennifer T. Frigillano

Secretariat Member

Rey Nacisvalencia

Jorinda Moreno

Secretariat Member

Secretariat Member

Jonathan Tumayao

Representative of Iloilo Izeem Commercial

Rex Agregorio

Representative of Newtown Merchandising Inc.

Rodel Subillon

Representative of Apstar Trader and Printer

Raquel Koo

Representative of ROG Enterprises

Flor Andutan

Representative of Seven Seven Trading

Leni Rojo

Representative of CHEDMARYL Construction and Supplies

Fely Jabanag

Representative of Iloilo Yca Dale Trading

Rosalyn Gatanela

Representative of Venson’s Marketing

Rolly Jay Burdan

Representative of Strides Pef Enterprises


  1. Business Matters:

The Bidding for the Supply and Delivery of Supplies for the use of the Municipality,  Miagao, Iloilo was called to order at 3:00 p.m. of July 9, 2012 at the Conference Room of the Municipal Building and was presided by the BAC Chairman T. Arlene N. Nufuar. The roll was called and declared a quorum.


  1. Eligibility Check:
  2. B. Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) – P 217,815.00


    Check submitted by Venson’s Marketing and Cash submitted by Iloilo Izeem Commercial as Bid Security were deposited at the Office of the Municipal Treasurer. Official receipt was issued to the representative. Surety Bonds submitted by Strides Pef Enterprises, Seven Seven Trading, ROG Enterprises, Apstar Trader and Printer , Iloilo Yca Dale Trading, CHEDMARYL Construction and Supplies and Newtown Merchandising  were put on file.


    The committee will again meet for the succeeding schedule of activities.


    There having no other remaining topics for discussion, the bidding was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

    for the full text of the minutes, pls download the file below

Minutes of Bidding Supplies