REPORT OF SEF UTILIZATION For the Quarter Ending June 30, 2012 Municipality of Miagao

Receipt from SEF P         1,440,448.33
Less: Disbursement:    
  Personal Services    
  Salaries and Wages             401,884.00
  PERA               56,000.00
  Clothing Allowance               10,000.00
  Cash Gift                 5,000.00
  Year End Bonus               14,353.00
  Personnel Benefits Contributions               58,726.20
  Maintenance and other Operating Expenses    
  Other Maintenance and Operating Expenses                    950.00
  Office Supplies                          -  
  Telephone expenses                          -  
  Repairs and maintenance                          -  
  Training Expenses               23,750.00
  Capital Outlay               29,109.00
  Sub-total P           599,772.20
  Balance P           840,676.13
  Prepared by:    
  Supervising Administrative Officer    
  Acting Municipal Accountant