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Miagao Church

UNESCO World Heritage Church

Salakayan Festival

Tribu Salakayan is Dinagyang's Kasadyahan Regional Cultural Competition 2013 Champion

Hablon Weaving

Weaving on a traditional loom in Barangays Indag-an and Valencia

Cagbang Pottery

Traditional and modern pottery making in Barangay Cagbang

Tinagong Dagat

Mystifying hidden lake in Barangay Ongyod

Gui-Ob ni Tidoy

A majestic bulb-like rock formation in Barangay Onop

Sinuhutan Cave

Experience a real caving adventure in Barangay Onop

Bugsukan Falls

Take a plunge on the tranquil waterfalls of Barangay Dalije

Miagao Rice Terraces

Spectacular Rice Terraces in Barangay Cabalaunan

Damilisan's Baluarte

The historical ruins of an 18th century watchtower

Taytay Boni

The only surviving Spanish stone bridge in Western Visayas


Blooming rafflesia along the trekking trails of Miagao mountains