Brief History

In the early times, Bakhaw trees were abundant in the coastal place. For these reasons, early residence called the place “Kabakhaman”. Later on, it was shortened to Bacauan.

Bacauan is among the earliest barangay in Panay. In the early 14th century, when Datu Sumakwel and other Bornean Datus went around to explore Panay to gather seeds for planting, they have Bacauan as one of their stop over.

According to the old folk, Bacauan has two sitios: Bantayanan and Melohot. During the time of Muslim pirates, there are people watching at the Bantayanan to watch the coming of the pirates. Once they saw the layag of the Moro Vinta, they blow the budyong to signal the coming of pirates and sound will reach to what is now called Melohot.

The other sitios are Baras, Durog, Sapa ni Lucia, kabilawan, Lipata, Tubudan, Durog ni Usay and Durog ni Osep.

Gregorio Fanega or known as “Gorio Damhag” was known as the hero of Bacauan, during the Spanish time and he received Php12.00 on his monthly pension.

During the Japanese time, many people were killed in Bacauan by the Japanese soldiers. They come from the other barangays.

Former heads of Barangay Bacauan were: Teniente Isidro “Orong” Moragriega, Tentiente Casimero “Meroy” Mines, Tentiente Lazaro Montevirgen, Tentiente Domingo “Inggo” Figura, Teniente Tomas Munion, Teniente Prudencio Nonato, Tentiente Jauncho Nadanga (1943-1947), Tentiente Eusebio Figura (1948-1951), Teniente Cayo Figura (1952-1955), Teniente mariano Morano (1956-1959),Moises Napuli (1960-1961), Santiago Nabo (1962-1963), Paulino Faicol (1964-1967). From 1968-1979 Vicente “Cente” Montevirgen served as Barangay Captain then Ernesto Nadanga, Juan Figura and again Ernesto Nadanga for almost three consecutive terms and at present is Benedicto Fillone serving as the Barangay Captain.

San Roque is the Patron Saint whose feast day is on 16th of August and Our Lady of Fatima whose feast day is on May 13.

Barangay Bacauan has produced a lot of professionals in different fields of education to make Bacauan more progressive and successful.


To see self-sufficient families responding the needs of our community and pursuing collective effort and neighborhood cooperation for our Barangay development. To make unity, understanding, love of Jesus Christ be the center of life by helping restore dignity and worth as human being through economic, education and social development.


  1. Continue to encourage the residents to clean their surroundings and plant vegetables at their backyard.
  2. To continue the night duty of barangay tanods and officer of the day of kagawad to reduce the incidents of robbery.
  3. Construction of communal dumping site for proper waste disposal.
  4. Installation of more jetmatic pumps to provide adequate water supply to the residents.
  5. To continue the present concreting of the sides of the canals.
  6. Installation of electric meter at the barangay hall for the barangay streetlights.
  7. Providing and continue the mass feeding, women’s class, senior citizens activities and programs for disabled persons.
  8. Continue to encourage residents to have more faith, unity, understanding, love for the good of the community.
  9. Maintenance of garbage free environment.
  10. Maintenance of a beautiful and clean surroundings.
  11. Provide adequate water supply.
  12. Maintenance of a peace and orderly barangay.
  13. Provide financial and material support to barangay tanods.
  14. Health maintenance for every individual especially children below 7 years old.
  15. Support low income residents.
  16. Safe and clean barangay hall.
  17. Better accommodation for residents for consultation.
  18. To have a well-lighted surroundings.
  19. Power centralization.
  20. Provide free flow of water during rainy seasons.
  21. Prevent overflowing of flood water.
  22. Support LGUlumpics and provide sports and recreational activities for youth and elders.


  1. Purchase of garbage cans and maintenance of compost pit.
  2. People’s participation – scheduling of general cleaning by barangay officials and residents.
  3. Purchase of jetmatic pumps and GI pipes for repair and maintenance.
  4. Purchase of materials and supplies.
  5. Donations from the residents – purchase of food for the night duty of barangay tanods.
  6. Supplement feeding children class and mother class.
  7. Purchase of more cattle for fattening.
  8. Purchase of construction materials for repair and maintenance.
  9. Purchase of materials and medicines.
  10. Purchase of construction materials for lamp posts.
  11. Purchase of construction materials and construction of bamboo spur dikes along the riverbanks.
  12. Purchase of sports materials.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Benedicto M. Fillone Punong Barangay
Zenaida Figura Kagawad
Leopoldo Ecogo Kagawad
Salvador Nadanga Kagawad
Hector Fillone Kagawad
Marlito Morano Kagawad
Cresencia Napuli Kagawad
Rodrigo Balgos Jr. SK Chairman
Josefina Gatilogo Barangay Secretary
Mary Ann Napano Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 35.869 has.
Residential 44.249 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 3, tricycles 2, private cars 5, private trucks 3, motorcycles 3, bicycles 16, filcab 2, motorized boat 3, non-motorized boat 3

Social Profile

Total population 674
Number of male 158
Number of female 190
Number of youths 75
Number of households 127
Number of houses 128
List of sports facilities Basketball court
List of school present in the barangay Bacauan-Mambatad Elementary School
Number of college students 28
Number of high school students 63
Number of pre-schoolers 15
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay none

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 111
Number of Houses without Electricity 15
Presence of road and estimated length Asphalt for national road 42 + 340, sand for the old barangay road 42 + 310
Number of Bridges and Length 2 bridges 320
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 50, telephones 17,
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic 13, Deepwell 1, Spring 2