They were not called, instead they volunteered to serve the Miagaowanons under the leadership of Mayor Oscar โ€œRichardโ€ S. Garin, Jr.
They are the members of the Citizen Crime Watch Internationale Unified Force Anti Crime and Corruption headed by Erwin Niadas and former SB member Serafin Monteclaro who came to visit Mayor Garin and expressed their support to his administration.
โ€œHappy guid ako nga may organized group rin para mag prevent kang crime sa aton nga banwa. Naga pasalamat gid ako kninyo tanan kay naga extend gd kamo kang bulig biskan wara sweldo pero concern kamo sa aton pinalangga nga banwa kag kasimanwa,โ€ Mayor Garin told them.
This however is not the first, Bantay Bayan has also offered their services for the Miagaowanons for free. In return, Mayor Garin offered them free trainings and other assistance due them.