RGs are vital in the attainment of quality education for the good of the Municipality.
RG is the acronym used by Mayor Oscar โ€œRichardโ€ S. Garin, Jr for Responsableng Guro, Responsableng Gobyerno, Responsableng Ginikanan to attain yet another Responsableng Graduate.
This was the among the highlights of the message of Mayor Garin during the culminating program of the PRIMALS PLUS training for Miagao east Junior High School Teachers at Miagao National High School earlier today.
โ€œI am who I am, and I will be the best of who I will be. With this event, you will be a different teacher trained to deliver quality education to the Miagaowanon learners. Punta na ka dya is for the good of the Municipality,โ€ said Mayor Garin as he expressed his full support to the thrusts and mandate of DedEd.