African Swine Virus:

Miagao bans pork imports

MIAGAO, Iloilo – With the onset of cases of African Swine Virus (ASF) in the Philippines, the Municipality of Miagao bans importation of domestics and wild pigs and their products from places outside the Municipality.

This was the order specifically addressed the hog raisers and other stakeholders during the Hog Raising Seminar and ASF awareness campaign at the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist (OMA) Conference Room on September 25, 2019.

Mr. Albert Narte said that in cases when it cannot be avoided, they may purchase pigs provided that there should be an issued Animal Health Certificate from the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist (OMA) or licensed veterinarian. Free test of pigs may be availed from the OMA.

Mr. Narte explained that ASF is a highly contagious hemorrhagic viral disease to domestic and wild pig of all ages characterized by high fever, loss of appetite, reddening of the skin and hemorrhages of the internal organs, and death which follows between 2 to 10 days on the average with a mortality rate of as high as 100%.

Further he explained that pigs usually become infected by contact with infected pigs or by ingestion of kitchen waste or garbage containing uncooked or undercooked infected pig meat or pig meat products.

“Do not feed any untreated kitchen waste to your pigs and do not allow your pigs to get access to any waste or garbage,” Mr. Narte told the hog raisers (ABMande)