It is the wife who knows her husband.
This may just be a cliché to some but not for Congresswoman Janette L. Garin who assured all Miagaowanons that when they (together with her husband Mayor Richard Garin) do public service, they do public service.
“What is power all about? It is nothing. What is more important is the legacy, the name that you can leave for your children and your grandchildren. Sara lang ang bata namon ni Richard, we can possibly leave her with all the material things, but all of those will be nothing if we will leave her with bad, tainted name,” Congresswoman Garin said.
Congresswoman Garin also thanked the Miagaowaonons for accepting Mayor Garin in their lives.
“When you accepted him, it is actually an inclination that you accepted us as part of your family. Miagaowanons salamat guid!” she concluded.
Congresswoman Garin was among the guests of honor and speaker during the Coronation of the Queen of Miagao 2023 Ms. Jennifer Mitra Libo-on on February 9, 2023.