Feature: A ‘first’ for Miagao

By Rosan Frances Anselle G. Famatid


Paperless session in Miagao is a “first” in the southern part of Iloilo.

The Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Miagao, in its commitment to level up the session procedure, designed a program for a “paperless legislation system”.

This program, other than making things easier for the SB members, aims to greatly reduce, if not, eliminate the use of papers which are accumulating in the office and eventually become garbage.

It also helps our environment where fewer trees are cut to be converted into papers.

This system is an innovation for the SB to be more transparent to the public considering that agenda and minutes are digitally available.

The advent of technology has become a platform to put this goal to reality.

In fact, the SB of Miagao was the first to use this paperless system.

It was first initiated in 2010, when other municipalities were still utilizing the traditional paper and photocopier to produce agenda, minutes and other documents needed during the session.

Equipped with knowledge and skills in computer technology, the SB has conducted its session using paperless method.

The use of laptops and projectors made it possible.

Definitely, Miagao has made a clear mark on this methodology – a milestone that is now being pursued by other localities.

This paperless method makes Miagao truly distinct. (RGF/Information Office)