Only a few can live up to the age of 100 years that no less than Mayor Macario N. Napulan, MD himself led the turn-over of benefits to five Miagaowanon Centenarians.
The five centenarians were:
– Estrella N. Facon (Barangay Mat-y, 100 years old)
– Fermina P. Bito-onas (Barangay Tiglawa, 101 years)
– Lourdes N. Nedula (Barangay Tigmalapad, 100)
– Dolores F. Faicol (Barangay Tan-agan, 101)
– Enes N. Bacawag (Barangay Maninila, 100)
Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Mrs. Rosalinda Mueda said that these centenarians were given P100,000.00 each and plaque of appreciation from the DSWD Secretary while those who was already deceased was given posthumous certificate.
Mayor Napulan hopes that with the benefits, other elderlies will be motivated to live longer. The cash benefit will aid them the means to purchase medicines and other necessities.