MIAGAO, Iloilo – In compliance with the DILG MC 2019-121, Mayor Macario N. Napulan, MD issued Executive Order ordered creating the Municipal Anti-Illegal Structures and Constructions Committee (MAISCC) and Municipal Task Force on Road Clearing and ordered road clearing and immediate removal of illegal structures and construction with warrants.

In his Executive Order 2019-057, Mayor Napulan said that prior the demolition the Committee and Task Force members “will conduct inventory of all roads within its territorial jurisdiction”.

The Committee were bestowed with powers to: 1.) Adopt measures to identify and effectively impose restrictions on illegal structures and constructions and recommend to revoke permits that give authority to private entities occupying public roads, alleys and other thoroughfares; 2.) Develop plans and implement strategies beneficial to the displaces individuals on the implementation of DILG MC 2019-121; 3.) Undertake investigation of violation of laws or rules on eviction, clearing and demolition and recommend appropriate action on the same; 4.) Monitor eviction and demolition activities and establish its own monitoring system; and 5.) request assistance from any government entity, if necessary.

For the Task Force, the members are expected to: 1.) Provide administrative support to the MAISCC; 2.) Prepare inventory of all roads within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality and identify illegal structures and constructions; 3.) Submit to the MAISCC its report of violation and recommend the same for demolition upon the MAISCC approval; and 4.) Perform such other functions that may be necessary for the accomplishment of the above relative to the directive of President Rodrigo RoaDutere, through DILG MC 2019-121.

“These initiatives form part of our promotion of the general welfare and safety of our constituents,” said Mayor Napulan. (ABMande)