Miagaowanons might have embraced the presence of the fruit bats right in the center of the town, but for experts, it must be looked into to ensure that they do not pose health risk to the general populace.
It is for this reason that the study of the fruit bats was warmly welcomed by Mayor Macario N. Napulan MD during the short conference with the UPV researchers headed by Dr. Philip Alviola and Dean Alice Joan Ferrer earlier today.
The bat researchers are here from March 15 to 18, 2022 to conduct swabbing to check if these bats have sickness and if they are carrier of Nipah virus – one of the top 10 priority disease that the World Health Organization is keeping an eye into along with other diseases.
According to him, this is the jumpstart of the possible collaborative inter-agency effort of the RITM, DOH and DENR should it be confirmed that the bats in Miagao are virus and diseases carriers.
“I am glad with this initiative. We are after the safety of the Miagaowanons that I am in full support of this study,” Mayor Napulan said.
The researchers will work along with the Office of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources. As such, the public is warned to avoid the area for reason of safety.