No matter how busy they will be, Mayor Richard Garing and daughter Rica Jane sees to it that they got to spend some time with the gatherings for Miagaowanons.
“I just dropped by to say my greetings to each and everyone. Importante kamo kanamon kag ang inyo role sa barangay. The best gift that I can give you in this season is not so much on materials things but above all its the presence. I hope you to share your blessings and happiness man sa inyo kabarangay mag uli kamo,” said Mayor Garin.
The Barangay Health Workers newly elected set of officers also took their oath of office before Mayor Garin.
In her message, BHW president Lilian Sisonrojas thanked the Garin family for the three heads roast pig, lunch and free tshirts for the 287 BHWs. Mayor Garin also gave consolation prices to the candidates of Mutya kang BHW 2022.