DAMILISAN, Miagao – Residents of Barangays Damilisan and Oyungan road need not to worry as Mayor Richard Garin and DPWH District Engineer Randy Melosantos assured the barangay officials that it will be maintained and replaced once it destroyed for the period that it is being used as alternate route.
“Ilisan ta ra if in case maguba or sugpunan ta pa. For the meantime, we will use it as an alternate route until such time that the new bridge will be constructed,” Mayor Garin told the barangay officials of Barangay Damilisan after they aired their concerns once their barangay road will be used as detour road.
Meantime, Mayor Garin instructed the officials to negotiate with the private lot owners to allow the use of their property otherwise, the government will opt to use the old road for such purpose.
Concerns like traffic and maintenance of the road were also discussed.