MIAGAO, Iloilo – In gratitude to the Miagaowanons for their trust, support and cooperation, Mayor Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr assured to stay with the people of Miagao and live by his promise to make Miagao a great town.
“I prefer to stay. Indi ko pagpabay-an ang banwa kang Miagao. Halungan guid namon ang inyo kumpyansa kag pagsarig,” Mayor Garin said in his speech during the gathering of all Miagao Public Health Warriors (PHW) earlier today.
Mayor Garin revealed that there were tempting offers for national government positions immediately after the election, but his love for Miagao held him to stay.
The gathering of the PHW has served as venue for Mayor Garin to update the group of his accomplishments for barely three months that he is Mayor of Miagao. He also shared with them the direction of the town for the next three years.
He highlighted the huge projects lined up for Miagao to include the completion of the shoreline protection, opening of new roads, concreting of roads, and construction of a four-storey municipal building, among others.