Miagao, Iloilo – “Kay nakasulod kamo sa obra, think of what is for yourself, for the Mayor, what is for Miagao.”
This was the strong message of Mayor Richard Garin to the municipal local government employees who attended the first batch of the Seminar on Mental Health Awareness and Soft Skills Management at Jack n Cel Restaurant here.
“Kung gusto may paraan, kun ayaw maraming dahilan. This seminar is a reinforcement of the ability, skills and knowledge of each of you to maintain your qualification or standard as employees of the local government,” he said.
At the end of the seminar Mayor Garin said that he hopes for every employees to maintain their “full understanding of your job, communication skills, and honesty why you are here”.
The seminar is handled by Soft Skills Professional Trainer Ms. Rowena Diaz.