SUMMER JOBS. For 22 days, these young students were hired by the Municipality in response to DEPED’s Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) offering them summer jobs.  Here they gathered, to have their picture taken with Mayor Julieta N. Flores and Acting Municipal Administrator John F. Nocal.

The Municipal College Educational Assistance Program (MCEAP) was conceived in August 2007 to open the door for the youth to gain a college education with minimum expenses. The municipality aptly recognizes the prevalence of poverty in the locality which put a hindrance to the aspirations of the poor families to have one of its members get a college education. Hence, having a college degree is acknowledge by the MCEAP program as the key to combat poverty.

The municipality believes that education is for all and thus the local legislative council has approved an ordinance that embodies the aims and objectives of the program. This ordinance, passed in 2007 and entitled “An Ordinance Establishing The Municipal College Education Assistance Program in the Municipality of Miagao, laid down the program’s legislative component.