Awards have been pouring in for the Municipality of Miagao. Today, Miagao was conferred an Anti Drug Abuse Council Special Award during the online Recognition of the Iloilo Provincial Entries to the 2021 Excellence in Local Governance Awards: Rising Above the Challenge Edition.

The Award was in recognition for the local government’s outstanding efforts against the proliferation of illegal drugs in the municipality.

The Award was also a testament to the hard work of the LGU in tandem with it’s other partner CSO in clearing the barangays of illegal drugs despite the prevailing COVID19 pandemic

As such, Miagao was picked as among the awardees because if it’s long been achieved drug-cleared status and for having sustained the drug-free status of it’s unaffected barangays.

For his part, Mayor Macario Napulan warmly embraced the recognition since it was never been easy for the offices concern and the LGU in general to maintain its drug free status given the trials and hardships that the municipality face amidst the pandemic.