Miagao slaughterhouse eyes for ‘Double A’ accreditation

By Rito S. Noquial

MIAGAO, Iloilo – The Office of the Municipal Slaughterhouse is aiming for Double “A” Standard Accreditation.

Currently, the town’s slaughterhouse has 19 butchers and three meat inspectors trained under the National Meat Inspection Service and it operates daily under the supervision of Albert Narte.

Double “A” standard facilities such as stunner and digital weighing scale have been installed and a dehairing area has been assigned to enhance the effectiveness of its operations.

Per record, 175 hogs, 20 cattles and 15 goats were slaughtered last September 21, 2019 in celebration of Miagao’s Patronal Fiesta.

Miagao Slaughterhouse has been eyed for benchmarking of other local government units such as Tigbauan, Leganes, San Miguel, Sta. Barbara and Leon as to its commendable practices. (RSN/Miagao-LGU)