MIAGAO, Iloilo – The Double “AA” Slaughterhouse of the Municipality of Miagao has become one of the ‘favorite’ subjects for benchmarking of other local government units from the Province of Iloilo.

During the visit, Municipality of Anilao OIC Municipal Treasurer Ms. Maricel A. Rodriguez said that Miagao was picked as their subject for study because of the referral they got from National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) Acting Regional Director Emmanuel Limana and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist.

Miagao operates a double “AA” slaughterhouse with technical and financial assistance from the NMIS’ Meat Establishment Improvement Program.  The MEIP is a cost sharing scheme with 50% of the project cost from the LGU GAA and another 50% from the NMIS Trust Fund.  It has a total cost of P10million.

“We have institutionalized the operation of the slaughterhouse with guidance from the NMIS,” said Mayor Macario Napulan.

MEEO – Slaughterhouse In-charge Mr. Albert Narte said that aside from the Municipality of Anilao, other municipalities like Leon, Tubungan, and Cabatuan, among others also came earlier to conduct study for the propose development of their slaughterhouse, sanitary and good governance program.

Mr. Narte explained that Miagao Slaughterhouse is the most referred to for benchmarking and training because it is one of an established abattoir in the Province of Iloilo.

“Waste water facility is among the best practices being showcased during the study.  In Miagao, waste water is used as compost. Entrails are used as foods for catfish while the wool and hoof are incorporated in the bio hallow blocks production of the MENRO,” he said.

On top of it, the Slaughterhouse is being manned by well trained personnel who have undergone Slaughterhouse Operation Management Orientation Seminar (SOMOS) from the NMIS.  The same seminar was also attended by butchers and meat processors in the Municipality.  (ABMande)