The Municipality of Miagao is serious in its effort to achieve a waste-free environment, thereby launching an earth-shattering program dubbed Miagao Action on Cleanliness (MAC).

 Project MAC is a school-based solid waste management effort initiated by the local government to draw out participation of schools and its pupils embarking on the rationale that the best time to raise the social awareness on solid waste management among the populace is when they are still young.

 The project aims to instill waste segregation practices in schools and household since the schoolchildren will be requested, if not required, to bring recyclable solid waste during the MAC Program Day in their schools.

 A class tally sheet reflecting the individual or group contributions will be counted based on the value of the recyclables.  MAC Day will be identified by the schools during which the recyclables will be valued and given the corresponding credit.

Towards the end of the school year, all the MAC points will be consolidated by the MAC Committee.  The top five schools will be awarded certificates of recognition and trophies.  Furthermore, Mayor Macario Napulan also contemplates on giving out incentives to the willing schools in a form of projects.

 “It is deemed imperative to devise strategies and best practices relative to the concern on solid waste.  Hence, I enjoin everyone so this will turn-out successful,” said Mayor Macario Napulan.