MIAGAO, Iloilo – The Miagao weavers will be busy in the coming days because of the 100,000 yards hablon cloth order for the “Project Uniform” of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

On June 18th, personnel from the NGCP conducted visit and ocular inspection for the update of their order.   The NGCP then commissioned Rajo Laurel to tailor the uniform for use of their officers and personnel nationwide.

On top of it, Tourism Officer and President of the Miagao Weavers Association Mr. Anthony Selorio revealed that during the visit the personnel headed by Ms. Joshua Lorraine Fajardo   presented the proposed 2nd phase of the project that is the donation of additional new set of hablon looms and trainings to weavers.

Mr. Selorio said that the NGCP also look forward to provide hablon uniforms to their line men nationwide by year 2020. It may be noted that the NGCP earlier  donated 60 hablon looms which were distributed to seven weaving centers namely Indag-an Cooperative, Valencia Weaving Center, Baraklayan Weaving Center, Reydeen’s Hablom, Natinga’s Hablo, Imee’s Hablon and Criselda’s Hablon.   These seven weaving centers were tapped to work on the NGCP order. (ABMande).