MIAGAO, Ilolio – In time for the Nutrition Month in August and to address severe acute malnutrition cases in the Miagao, the Municipal Nutrition Council (MNC) will launch numerous nutrition intervention and improvement programs in schools and the barangays.

During their regular meeting, members of the MNC chaired by Mayor Macario N. Napulan, MD and headed by Municipal Nutrition Action Officer Dr. Rhea Palacios had identified various campaign programs with the aim to reduce the number of severely wasted children in the Municipality.

Among these programs include continues feeding program to various age groups, Gulayan sa Paaralan and Barangay Communal Garden.

Under the feeding program, children ages zero to 59 months old will be taken cared of under the Municipal Nutrition Program of the local government.  Those children ages two to four years old will be supervised by the MSWDO under its Day Care Program, while children ages five to 12 years old will be worked out by the Department of Education, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) and Municipal Health Office.

For the Gulayan sa Paaralan and Barangay Communal Garden, the initiative will be launched as a competition where the best garden will receive incentives in the form of barangay and school projects.


In order to address problem in SAM, the MHO is doing all efforts uplift their status. Report from the MHO shows that, some 12 SAM patients were admitted in the Out Patient Therapeutic Care Unit.  Afterthese 12 patients underwent series of treatment regimen that include weekly food ration depending on their weight and progress monitoring and evaluation, the number of patients was reduced to two.

Further, Dr. Palacios said that the families of the patients were also encouraged to start their own backyard garden and the families were included in some of the sustainable livelihood projects of the MSWDO.  (ABMande)