“No Plastic Day” every Wednesday in Miagao is a baby step to the full implementation of Ordinance 2012-01 or “An Ordinance Regulating the Use and Sale of Plastic Bags/Plastic Cellophane as Packing or Bagging Materials”.

In line with this, Section 4 of the Ordinance provides that “all supermarkets, groceries and retail stores in the municipality are hereby required to use packing/ bagging materials such as paper cloth bags, buri bags or bayong, non-plastic sack or bags an sturdy reusable shopping bags, biodegradable plastics or other biodegradable containers instead of plastic bags.  Bulky goods shall be packed in paper bags/boxes or cartons or other biodegradable bagging materials.

As penalties, Section 15 of the Ordinance provides for the penalties of the provisions to include: First Offense – P100.00 fine or community service of four (4) hours; Second Offense – P300.00 of five (5) days imprisonment, upon the discretion of the court; and Third Offense – P1,000 fine or seven (7) days imprisonment and revocation of business permit or license, upon the discretion of the court.