Mayor Richard Garin sincerely thanked the members of the Miagao Salakayan Incorporated—the prime mover of the annual Halad sa Kabataan, and the private individuals who sponsored the one-day activity.
He even vowed to make the celebration happier and memorable to the Miagaowanons in the coming’s years of the celebration.
“Maninguha guid si Mayor Richard Garin nga mapasadya pa guid ang Halad sa Kabataa, imaw sa MSI kag sa mga private sectors, maninguha guid kita nga malipay ang aton mga kasimanwa sa bilog nga banwa,” he said.
During the activity, pre-identified children in Miagao are treated to a one -day party with countless games, prizes, surprises, and presents.
“Maninguha pa guid kita nga ma hugpong, ma unite naton ang tanan nga mga kabataan para sa ikanami pa guid kang banwa ta. Para sa dugang pa guid nga kaaraydan kang Miagao kag kang masunod pa guid nga generasyon,” Mayor Garin concluded.
Halad sa Kabataan is an annual activity of the local government in tandem with the MSI and some private sectors and individuals.