MIAGAO, Iloilo – Mayor MacarioNapulan, MD was conferred the first of Hall of Fame Awardee as one of the Outstanding Local Chief Executives of the Philippines by the Association of the Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines Inc. (ALSWDOPI)in a virtual ceremony during the Association’s 24th National Social Welfare and Development Forum and General Assemply.

“I am humbled and grateful for this. This achievement is dedicated to God, as well as, to my beloved Miagaowanons, who had endeavored with me through the years for MiagaosaPagbag-o, a public governance that is for the people, the people and of the people,” Mayor Napulan said.

According to Mayor Napulan, he considered social governance as his top priority among other areas of local governance. In his stint as Municipal Mayor, Miagao has steadfastly gained momentum and had earned significant development outputs and notable recognitions to include Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance, Seal of Good Local Governance, Seal of Good Housekeeping, Seal of Good Education Governance, Excellence in Local Governance, GawadKalasag, PasidungogsaNutrisyonChampion, among others. These accomplishments granted him the recognition as Outstanding Local Chief Executive of the Philippines, 1st to 3rd Class Municipality in the GawadParangal for three years in 2018, 2019 and 2021 by the ALSWDOPI.

“I feel a sense of accomplishment everyone I conceptualized a project up to its actual completion, and being able to witness the benefit it gives to my people brings me joy. For I want my fellow Miagaowanons happy and contented,” he said.


For the 2021 validation on October 18, 2021, the evaluators looked into the following as criteria:

  1. Annual Investment Plan, Comprehensive Local Development Plan and Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the last three years
  2. Narrative accomplishments with action photos focusing on the implementation of local social welfare and development programs and services within a year
  3. Introduced innovative social welfare and development interventions and good practices
  4. Enacted Local Legislation in support to local social welfare and development programs.
  5. Appropriated funds for the implementation of local social welfare and development program/projects and services.
  6. Awards and commendations received.


For the 2021 validation on Cotober 18, 2021, Mayor Napulan was loud and proud of to showcase 47 programs, projects and accomplishment presentation in a 45-minute video. These PPAs are the following:

– Creation of the Local COVID19 Task Force and Establishment of Miagao COVID19 Task Force

– Establishment of Quarantine Facilities and Provisions of Food and Other Supplies

– COVID19 Case Management, Contact Tracing, RT-PCR testing, Vaccination and Emergency Response

– Project “HUGYON” (Hugpongkag Mag-Ugyon Kita Miagaowanon)

– Labor Market and Employment Facilitation Program

– MiagaoWalaGutomsaTyempo sang Pandemya

– Suatinable Livelihood Program

– Persons with Disability Program

– Senior Citizen’s Welfare Program

– Early Childhood Care and Development

– PagkabalakasamgaBabayesaTion sang Pandemya

– TatayKabahonka sang Pagbag-o

– Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) in 15 minutes

– Project DOK

– Solo Parent Association of Miagao

– Miagao OFW Family Circle

– SerbisyoPag-ulikidsamgaKubos for Recovered Drug Dependents (Aftercare Transformation and Re-integration of Persons Who Used Drugs (PWUD)

– MAC Growth Program

– Miagao Food Forestry

– Adoption Program

– Kabalakaky Lola Oya

– 24/7 First Aid and Birthing Clinic

– Establishment of Animal Bite Treatment Center

– Substance Abuse and Prevention Program

– Zero Open Defecation

– Health and Nutrition Programs

– Project TOKSAM, Adlawni SAM and NgitingAlagaparakay SAM

– Basura Mo, PagkaonKo Project

– Pasyente Mo, SugatonKo

– UgnayansaKomunidad

– Organic Agriculture Program

– Miagao Assistance to College Students

– I am for HOPE

– Gulayansa Barangay Health Station, GulayansaPaaralan and Gulayansa Barangay

– Project BEST: BuyagngaEmpleyadosaSerbisyoTodoTodo

– KooperasyonkagKoordinasyon Para saMaulingaMiagaowanon

– Forest and Climate Change Protection Project

– HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

– OplanSalbar Bata

– Referral of Abuse, Neglected and Abandoned Children

– Service Delivery Network

– We ACCESS: Online Banking, Saving Time, Beating Deadlines

– PRIME-HRM: Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management of LGU Miagao

– Grant of Hazard Pay to all Municipal Employees

– Support to Education on Modular and Blended Learning during COID19 Pandemic

– Opening and Concreting of Farm-to-Market Roads

“It is my fervent prayer to our Almighty God to sustain and keep us united as we endeavor to heal as one,” concluded Mayor Napulan.

Gawad Parangal is an annual search for outstanding service in the field of social work among local leaders and social workers. The Search is initiated by the ALSWDOPI, a professional organization of the provincial, city and municipal social welfare and development officers in the country.