MIAGAO, Iloilo – The 2023 Salakayan Festival will be an event for the community and the masses.
In his message to the tribe managers, choreographers and school heads during their meeting today, Mayor Richard Garin said that the members of each tribe must come from the community.
“This event will improve the community participation. The success of this dance drama competition hanggud guid nga bagay ang dara kang barangay,” Mayor Garin said.
On top of this, the events lined-up for the weeklong Salakayan Festival were designed to highlight the participation of the masses.
Slated on February 11, 2023, the Dance Drama Competition will be participated in by eight competing tribes namely:
⁃ Tribu Baclayanon
⁃ Tribu Bacolodnon
⁃ Tribue Salagyawan
⁃ Tribu Bantalaan
⁃ Tribu Tabuk- Tabuk
⁃ Tribu Tabun-ak
⁃ Tribu Kabugwason
⁃ Tribu Kirayanon