Another P25 million road project will commence in March 2023.
This is for the construction of Oyungan – Igcabidio – Ilog-ilog – Narorogan and portion of Igsoligue Road.
“Amat-amaton ta lang. Ang iban nga pulitiko kun diin ang raku botante rigtu ginabutang ang proyekto, but because palangga ko kamo, kag kinahanglanon ninyo dya, ginpatigayon ta guid dya,” said Mayor Richard Garin during the pre-construction conference of the project at Barangay Igcabidio on February 15, 2023.
The project covers the construction of the 5meter X 1,760 meters concrete road, separated in sections with concrete lined canal.
For their part, the residents thanked Mayor Garin for this beneficial project.
“Bahul guid dya namon nga kabaraslan kay Congresswoman Janette Garin kag Mayor Richard Garin. Nagapasalamat guid kami sa inyo bulig para matigayon ang dya nga concreting,” Punog Barangay (Ilog-Ilog) Pedro Fiolates said.