It will be a happy Christmas for the people of Barangays Ongyod, Toog, Igbita, La Consolacion and Tigmalapad.
This, after the Good Fortune International, Inc and the Department of Public Works and Highways assured the people that the La Consolacion – Igbita Bridge will completed in December 2023.
“Saksi kamo sa sakripisyo kang mga tawo sa pagtabuk sa ka dya nga suba. Pasalamatan ta guid si Congresswoman Janette L. Garin kag Mayor Richard Garin sa pagpatigayun kag ang mga barangay officials nag pagpangayu kang ka dya nga project,” Mr. Damiano Nique of the DPWH said during the pre construction conference of the project.
The construction of La Consolacion – Igbita Bridge includes the construction of 124 linear meter bridge with a 6.7 meter carriageway and 1.5 meter shoulder on both sides including approached, flood protection structure, grouted riprap slope protection, open lined canal, sidewalk and railings.
This project is funded by a special release to the DPWH through the effort of Congresswoman Garin.