The management of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas is ironing out the kinks in the  establishment of the Love Nature! Park in the portion of the UPV property in Miagao.

Ms. Ma. Lydia Callano from the UPV explained that the idea of developing the property of the UPV into a Park came after they have seen that the property is a good site for affordable outdoor fitness facilities; camp sites, alternative sites for bikers and hikers, a suitable place for planning and research, and a potential tourist destination in Iloilo.With the requirements on market, water sources, existence of trails, availability of UPV human resources, existence of partner organizations and prospective investors and low investment requirements, the Love Nature! Park is seen to be viable.  The Park was also designed as a strategy to enrich the proposed Diwata Shore Complex (also of the UPV), perpetual reforestation initiatives and the establishment of the propose UPV road networks.  

Once established, the Love Nature! Park will provide facilities like: hiking trails where every station will provide viewing deck, zip line, tree climbing, mud slide, butterfly garden and wall climbing; biking trail; camp site; coastal village; and souvenir shops.

Dr. Alice Ferrer, Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development assured that in pursuit of their commitment to the local government the Miagaowanons will be their priority in the employment of workers for the project.

For the local government, Mayor Julieta N. Flores was pleased with the presentation of the UPV as she foresees the project to contribute to the enrichment of the tourism industry of the locality.  Furthermore, she said that she is happy for the Miagaowanons who will be the priority in the employment whenever the project is realized. 

Ms. Callano explained that after the consultation, the project will be presented to the Board of Regents of the University for approval.