No less than Mayor Richard Garin led the conduct of the local government Serbisyo Caravan in the four barangays today.
Dubbed as Responsableng Gobyerno Project Pag-ulikid, this community immersion program targets to visit the 18 2023 Retooled Community Support Program Communist Group cleared barangays.
On May 23, 2023, the LGU visited barangays Igsoligue, Buenavista Sur, Alimodias and Dalije. The residents availed the services of the local government like medical and dental consultations, acetic wash, family planning, circumcisions, civil registration concerns, free haircut, and various information education campaigns, among others.
“Gina introduce naton tulad ang mga programa kang gobyerno. We are here bringing the government closer to the people. Pag-ulikid, kabaraslan, pagpasalamat ang mga tinaga naton tulad. Gani, pasalamatan ta ang gobyerno nga wara guid nagapabaya kanaton,” Mayor Richard Garin said in his message.

The residents of Barangay Igcabitoon and its neighboring barangays, gather for a pre-construction conference for the repair of the diversion works and canal structures in their area.

Initiated by the National Irrigation Administration, the pre-con today was in response to the request of Mayor Richard Garin that all projects for Miagao must conduct the pre-construction conference at the site of the project.
“This is to let the people know that there are projects in the barangays. In this way, they will be made aware of the scope of work of the project,” he said.
The conference was attended by SB Cezar Florece, representing Mayor Garin.