Mayor Richard Garin has been giving consistent instructions to all concerned offices to make the town tidy and clean.
In this part of the town, the market personnel are busy doing their share.
Good job guys!


Following the order of Mayor Richard Garin to make Miagao neat and clean, the General Services Office has already started the repainting of the gutters.
The effort also forms part of the preparation for the upcoming Salakayan Festival.
Thank you GSO staff!

‘Miagao Municipal Hall gets facelift’

Making it pleasant and welcoming to guests and Miagaowanons, Mayor Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr ordered for the facelift of the Municipal Hall.
At the moment, the Office of the GSO is working on the removal of Christmas lights and repainting of the building.
Good job GSO staff!

Miagao Water District


The domestic water supply system in Miagao originated in the1950’s when an infiltration gallery was constructed along the bank ofTumagbokRiver. However, it only on in 1959 when the infiltration gallery was put to operation when pipelines were laid to supply the water requirements of the Poblacion.