Mayor Napulan leads turn-over of P100k to five Miagaowanon Centenarians

Only a few can live up to the age of 100 years that no less than Mayor Macario N. Napulan, MD himself led the turn-over of benefits to five Miagaowanon Centenarians.
The five centenarians were:
– Estrella N. Facon (Barangay Mat-y, 100 years old)
– Fermina P. Bito-onas (Barangay Tiglawa, 101 years)
– Lourdes N. Nedula (Barangay Tigmalapad, 100)
– Dolores F. Faicol (Barangay Tan-agan, 101)
– Enes N. Bacawag (Barangay Maninila, 100)
Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Mrs. Rosalinda Mueda said that these centenarians were given P100,000.00 each and plaque of appreciation from the DSWD Secretary while those who was already deceased was given posthumous certificate.
Mayor Napulan hopes that with the benefits, other elderlies will be motivated to live longer. The cash benefit will aid them the means to purchase medicines and other necessities.

Mayor Napulan welcomes UPV study on fruit bats

Miagaowanons might have embraced the presence of the fruit bats right in the center of the town, but for experts, it must be looked into to ensure that they do not pose health risk to the general populace.
It is for this reason that the study of the fruit bats was warmly welcomed by Mayor Macario N. Napulan MD during the short conference with the UPV researchers headed by Dr. Philip Alviola and Dean Alice Joan Ferrer earlier today.
The bat researchers are here from March 15 to 18, 2022 to conduct swabbing to check if these bats have sickness and if they are carrier of Nipah virus – one of the top 10 priority disease that the World Health Organization is keeping an eye into along with other diseases.
According to him, this is the jumpstart of the possible collaborative inter-agency effort of the RITM, DOH and DENR should it be confirmed that the bats in Miagao are virus and diseases carriers.
“I am glad with this initiative. We are after the safety of the Miagaowanons that I am in full support of this study,” Mayor Napulan said.
The researchers will work along with the Office of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources. As such, the public is warned to avoid the area for reason of safety.

Miagao is recipient of P60million worth of LGSF- SBDP projects

The people of Barangays Wayang, San Jose, and Banbanan could be the happiest Miagaowanons today being beneficiaries of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) projects.
Through the Department of the Interior and Local Government, an NTF member that was empowered to provide the Local Government Support Fund – Support to the Barangay Development Program,
These three aforementioned conflict afflicted barangays were identified as recipients of the program and were given out some P20million worth of projects each barangay, totaling to P60 million for Miagao.
The projects for each barangays are hereunder:
Brgy. Banbanan
-1 unit 4 WD Tractor, 3 units Rice Thresher and 3 units Rice Blower, 55 units Knapsack Sprayer, 7 units Pump and Engine Set, 50 units 2″HDPE Black Pipe, 7 units 2″HDPE Reducer and 48 units 2″HDPE Coupling, 1 unit FBD and 1 construction of Rice Mill
Brgy San Jose- 1 unit Truck, 1 unit FBD and 1 Construction of Rice Mill
Brgy Wayang- 1 unit Hand Tractor, 1 unit 4 WD Tractor, 1 Walk behind Trans Planter, 50 units Knapsack Sprayer, 4 units Granular Applicator, 4 units Pump Engine Set, 10 units 2″ HDPE Black Pipe, 4 units 2″ HDPE Reducer, 9 units 2″ HDPE Coupling, 1 unit FBD and 1 Construction of Rice Mill

ALSWDOPI awards Mayor Mac anew

The Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines (ALSWDOPI) is not yet done of recognizing Mayor Macario Napulan, MD for his outstanding social services performance.

In a letter dated December 20, 2021 to Mayor Napulan, ALSWDOPI Iloilo Chapter President Ma. Janette Alunday confirms the Outstanding Municipal Mayor of the Philippines – Visayas Island Award with a merit of Sustainable Performance Award.

It may be noted that Mayor Macario Napulan has been Outstanding Mayor for three years placing him the in the Hall of Fame pedestal.

“The Social Welfare and Development programs and services of your administration particularly in this challenging times to address the needs of your constituents are so admirable and we thank you for sharing your innovations,” said Mrs. Alunday.

Gawad Parangal by ALSWDOPI is an annual search in recognition for the outstanding performance of local chief executives and employees in the field of social work.

Our congratulations again Mayor! We are proud of you!

Miagao is ADAC Special Awardee

Awards have been pouring in for the Municipality of Miagao. Today, Miagao was conferred an Anti Drug Abuse Council Special Award during the online Recognition of the Iloilo Provincial Entries to the 2021 Excellence in Local Governance Awards: Rising Above the Challenge Edition.

The Award was in recognition for the local government’s outstanding efforts against the proliferation of illegal drugs in the municipality.

The Award was also a testament to the hard work of the LGU in tandem with it’s other partner CSO in clearing the barangays of illegal drugs despite the prevailing COVID19 pandemic

As such, Miagao was picked as among the awardees because if it’s long been achieved drug-cleared status and for having sustained the drug-free status of it’s unaffected barangays.

For his part, Mayor Macario Napulan warmly embraced the recognition since it was never been easy for the offices concern and the LGU in general to maintain its drug free status given the trials and hardships that the municipality face amidst the pandemic.

Miagao gets two more Social Services Awards

The “dagyaw” exemplary spirit of the people of Miagao and its local government has never gone wasted after it was recognized by the Department of Social Welfare and Development Region VI as the “Most Responsive LGU in Implementing RRP-CCAM- DRR” and “Best LGU Implementing RRP-CCAM-DRR with Exemplary Bayanihan (Dagyaw) Spirit”.

This came after the bayanihan spirit of the offices of the MSWDO headed by Mrs. Rosalinda Mueda, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer under Mr. Isidro Mosura and Municipal Agriculturist under Ms. Ma. Frea Monsale worked in tandem with the 37 barangays in the establishment of the food forest. The LGU offices concern worked on the documentary requirements and technical assistance while the barangays worked on the ground to put up and maintain the food forest project.

This has benefited a total of 1,500 recipients who was given assistance for the 10-day period that they worked with the project.

Mayor Macario Napulan for his part lauded the effort of the Offices mentioned and the barangays which resulted to this award.