The approval of the Supplemental Annual Investment Plan No. 1 signals a wave of substantial projects for the Miagaowanons.

On May 31, 2024, the Municipal Development Council meticulously scrutinized and sanctioned the agenda put forth by the local administration.
Chaired by Mayor Richard Garin, the Council agreed to include in the AIP the projects for implementation in 2024.
This approval signifies a transformative phase for the municipality, promising infrastructural advancements and public services.
Once these projects will be materialized, residents can anticipate a significant uplift in living standards, coupled with enhanced economic opportunities.

These milestones mark significant progress for Barangay Tigmarabo, enhancing both the quality of life and the opportunities available to its residents.

On May 31, 2024, the community came together in jubilation to witness the blessing of the Garinasium, the newly constructed box culvert, and the refurbished barangay road, each symbolizing the developmental strides made under the stewardship of Mayor Richard Garin.
In his message, Mayor Garin highlighted that these projects are central to the Responsableng Gobyerno’s pledge to deliver genuine and high-caliber public service to the Miagaowanons.
The Garinasium promises to be a hub for sports and community events, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and active living among the residents.
The box culvert stands as a testament to the commitment towards better infrastructure, aiming to improve drainage and mitigate flooding, ensuring the safety and convenience of all.
Lastly, the newly paved barangay road not only enhances connectivity but also signifies the forward march towards progress and development.
“Ang tanan nga dya tungod man diligent efforts kang aton mga lideres sa barangay kag inyo padayun nga supporta sa grupo kang Responsableng Gobyerno,” Mayor Garin said.
He also thanked Congresswoman Doc Nanay Janette L . Garin for her unwavering support snd commitment to help the Miagaowanons.

The advent of advanced technology is significantly enhancing the productivity of our local rice farmers.

This after the local farmers in Miagao embraced the expertise of Rice Crop Managers with which they will receive an online up-to-date guidance on the optimal management of their rice crops.
IN PHOTOS: The personnel from the Department of Agriculture introduced the use of the Rice Crop Managers application to Miagaowanon farmers in an orientation on May 30, 2024.