Republic of the Philippines
Province of Iloilo


Series of 2013




         WHEREAS, every Local Government Unit  (LGU) shall exercise the powers , those necessarily implied there from, as well as powers necessary, appropriate and those which are essential to the promotion of the general welfare; and


        WHEREAS, Title V, Section 102 to 105 of the Local Government Code of 1991 allows the LGU to create the Local Health Board to cater to the well-being and promote health safety for its inhabitants;


        NOW THEREFORE, I, Macario N. Napulan, Municipal Mayor of the Municipality of Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines, by virtue of the power vested in me by law as the Local Chief Executive, I hereby reorganize the Miagao Local Health Board, prescribing its functions and schedule of meetings.


Section I. Composition  


Chairperson                 :Hon. Macario N. Napulan, MD, Municipal Mayor

Vice Chairperson          :Dr. Jessel C. Gellada, MHO, BHW-RAC Chairperson

Members                     :Hon. Rodolfo N. Legaspi, SB Chairperson on Health

                                   Vicente Molejona, Municipal Administrator

                                   Dr. Wilfredo S. Nono, Rural Health Dentist II

                                   Jon Mark Muyong, Market Supervisor II

                                   Dr. Ma. Rosario L. Macabebe, DOH-CHD-WV Representative

                                   Jesusa Palmos, OSCA Head

                                   Aileen Montealto Paguntalan, Midwife, UPV Infirmary

                                   Mimibeth Navarro, Member, Miagao Business Club

                                   Ramona Nacanaynay, Nurse II, Municipal BHW Coordinator


            Secretary                     : Adora B. Mande, Administrative Officer II

            Action Officer                : Jermaine G. Solis, Laborer (Job Hire)

 Section II. Functions


  1. Propose to the Sangguninang Bayan, in accordance with the standards and criteria set by the department of Health (DOH), the annual budgetary allocations for the operation and maintenance of health facilities and services within the municipality;
  2. Serve as an advisory committee to the Sangguniang Bayan on health matters such as, but not limited to, the necessity for, and application of local appropriations for public health purposes;
  3. Create committee and/or technical working groups (TWGs) which shall advise local health agencies on matters such as, but not limited to, technical and administrative standards of DOH, personnel selection and promotion, bids and awards, grievance and complaints, personnel discipline, budget review, operations review and similar functions; and
  4. Shall be primarily responsible for the screening of Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) in the Municipality of Miagao prior to their registration and accreditation as stated in Section 4 of R.A. 7883 otherwise known as “The Barangay Health Workers Benefits an Incentives Act of 1995 or the BHW Law.”

  Section III. Meetings and Quorum 

  1. The Board shall meet at least once a month;
  2. A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum, but the chairperson or the vice-chairperson must be present during the meetings where budgetary proposals are being prepared or considered.  The affirmative vote of a majority of the members shall be necessary to approve such proposal;
  3. In the absence of the chairperson and vice-chairperson, any member may preside the eating as authorized by the majority of the Board members present; 

 Section IV. Compensation and Remuneration

           The chairman, vice chairman, and members of the Municipal Health Board shall perform their duties as such without compensation or remuneration.  Members thereof who are not government officials or employees shall be entitled to necessary travelling expenses and allowances chargeable against the funds of the Local health Board concerned, subject to the existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

 Section V. Direct Supervision and Control of DOH over Local Health Operations

            In case of epidemics, pestilence, and other widespread public health dangers, the Secretary of Health may, upon the direction of the President in consultation with the LGU, temporarily assumes direct supervision and control over health operations in any LGU for the ducation of the emergency, but in no case exceeding a cumulative period of six (6) months.  With the concurrence of the LGU concerned, the period for such direct national control and supervision may be further extended.

             FURTHERMORE, let copies of this Executive Order be furnished to all concerned for their information and guidance.


             Done at Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines this 24th day of July 2013.



                                                                                    (SGD) MACARIO N. NAPULAN, MD
                                                                      Municipal Mayor