For the next three (3) years of service of the members of the Sangguniang Bayan as duly elected representatives of the people of Miagao, the August Body vows to live up to the expectations of its constituents and shall pass and enact legislations aimed towards the development and progress of the Municipality and the improvement of the quality of life and general welfare of the Miagaowanons.

As the legislative council of the Municipality, the Sangguniang Bayan of Miagao pledges its full support and cooperation to the programs and projects of the present local administration as outlined in the fifteen-point executive agenda for the years 2001-2004 of our Municipal Mayor, Atty. Gerardo N. Flores.

For the coming three years, from July 2001 until June 2004, the Sangguniang Bayan of Miagao shall undertake the following concerns:

I.Develop and Adopt a New Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Pass Its Enacting Zoning Ordinance


The Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan and its enacting Zoning Ordinance was crafted and passed almost fourteen years ago in the year 1988.Most of the provisions in the said measure may no longer be applicable or practical in the present set-up of the municipality, especially in view of the rapid development brought about by the establishment of educational institutions in the municipality such as the University of the Philippines in the Visayas – Miagao Campus and the Western Visayas College of science and Technology – Miagao Campus (formerly the Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College).

The present legislative council deems this comprehensive land use plan and zoning ordinance as an essential and priority measure and shall therefore work towards its adoption and passage within this year.The passage of such measure is explicitly provided for under Section 447 (a)(2)(vii-ix) of the 1991 Local Government Code.


II.Revise the 1997 Municipal Revenue Code


The Municipal Revenue Code was last revised in the year 1997.From the time of such revision until the present, new concerns have come up that are not properly addressed in the 1997 Municipal Revenue Code.These concerns include businesses engaged in information technology such as telecommunications firms and internet cafes, the inclusion of administrative fees and other charges for subdivision applications, the revision of charges and fees for permits in the construction, improvement or demolition of buildings and other structures, revision of the garbage collection fees, among others.

Studies of an ad hoc committee created to determine and recommend measures that would increase municipal revenues from local sources indicate that the Municipality of Miagao has one of the lower rates for business taxes and fees.Hence, the revision of the 1997 Municipal Revenue Code is aimed towards increasing the municipal revenue from local sources.

III.Revise the 1996 Tricycle Franchise Ordinance


The Municipal Ordinance No. 1, series of 1996 is the local law prescribing the guidelines for the issuance of franchise to operate tricycle-for-hire within the Municipality of Miagao as provided for under .It was last revised in the year 1996.It is deemed necessary that the said ordinance be amended and revised in order to properly address concerns such as the emergence of the separate tricycle operators and drivers associations in Zone A, or the poblacion route, and the emergence of alternative short-distance public transport systems such the multi-cabs.

The introduction of new administrative procedures is also deemed imperative in view of the rapidly increasing number of tricycles-for-hire operating in the Municipality.

IV.Revise the 1996 Municipal Traffic Ordinance


The Municipality of Miagao is a fast progressing and developing town.The number of private vehicles increased in view of the rise in the economic capacities of Miagaowanons, many being dollar earners.The number of tricycles-for-hire and other public utility transport systems have likewise increased thereby creating new problems and challenges in municipal traffic management.Accident incidence statistics also show a noticeable increase in traffic accidents mostly involving tricycles-for-hire.

Hence, the revision of the municipal traffic ordinance, last amended and compiled on October 1996, is considered timely and proper.

V.Identify and Declare Prospective Areas as Growth Centers


To boost productivity and enhance economic activity in far-flung areas of the Municipality, prospective sites for the establishment and development of satellite markets shall be identified and declared as growth centers.These will include, but shall not be limited to, existing or traditional growth centers.

VI.Identify and Declare Marine, Wildlife, Bird and Butterfly Sanctuaries and Protected Watershed Areas


In line with the current administration’s thrust towards environmental protection, conservation and preservation, certain coastal areas shall be identified and declared as marine sanctuaries to serve as breeding grounds for fishes and other marine animals, as well as serve as sites for mangrove propagation and the establishment of natural and artificial corral reefs.This measure is intended to increase the fast-depleting fisheries stock indigenous to the municipality.


Pursuant to the Wildlife Conservation Act, wildlife species indigenous to the municipality shall be identified and protected by means of a local ordinance or through the adoption of the Wildlife Conservation Act.This measure intends to preserve forest biodiversity and the delicate balance of the forest ecosystem.

Birds and butterflies, being prime agents in the dispersal of flora seeds, shall be equally protected by providing sanctuaries for them wherein it shall be declared illegal to capture or harm such creatures in such areas.

Watershed areas, whose existence are crucial in providing adequate potable water supply to the municipality, shall be identified and protected through the enactment of local regulatory laws or the adoption of national laws such as the National Integrated Protected Areas Act (NIPAs Act).Aide from providing potable water, watershed areas also increase the natural forest cover and contributes to decreasing global warming. Watershed areas also serve as natural attractions to local and foreign eco-tourists.

VII.Identify and Establish a Municipal Dumping Site or Sanitary Landfill and Improve Municipal Solid Waste Collection


Although the practice of zero-waste management is encouraged in the municipality, the accumulation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable solid waste is inevitable given the rising population of the municipality.

As an anticipatory measure, a municipal dumping site or sanitary landfill shall be identified and established through a corresponding measure.If events warrant, private land identified for such purpose may be procured through available commercial modes or, if necessary, through expropriation proceedings.


Municipal solid waste collection, especially in urban areas where the availability of suitable backyard sanitary landfills is scarce, shall be given proper action through the development of a garbage collection scheme and the possible adoption of a reasonable payment schedule to be enacted through an ordinance.

VIII.Create an Investor-Friendly Atmosphere by Granting Incentives to Investors

To enhance the local economy and provide additional jobs for Miagaowanons, the August Body shall encourage more investors to invest in various businesses in the municipality by granting tax and business incentives through a legislative measure.

IX.Establish Additional Health and Day Care Centers


Areas shall be identified for the establishment of additional health and day care centers especially in hinterland communities in order to make such services more accessible to constituents in remote areas.


X.Encourage the Active Participation of Non-Government Organizations and the Private Sector and the Creation and Establishment of Cooperatives


Call for the accreditation of all existing non-government organizations and the private sector within the first year of service of the August Body. Encourage the creation and establishment of cooperatives since such endeavors maximize the participation of citizens.


XI.Regulate the Operation of Videoke and Karaoke Bars, Computer Game Stations and Similar Entertainment Establishments in the Perimeter of Educational Institutions


The proliferation of videoke bars, computer game stations and restaurants/stores selling liquors around the perimeter of educational institutions has caught the attention of the Sangguniang Bayan.The proliferation of such establishments is an indication of the economic upswing in the municipality, an indicator of progress and development.However, if such establishments are allowed to continue to operate unregulated, there is a very likely possibility that the studies of the youth would be affected and moral degradation may occur.Therefore it is necessary to regulate the stated businesses, just like other businesses.

XII.Establish Additional High Schools or Extension High Schools Especially in Remote Areas

Presently, there are seven national high schools and one extension high school serving the youth of the municipality.However, these eight secondary educational institutions are insufficient to meet the annual enrollment that also increases.It is therefore necessary to establish additional high schools or extension high schools especially in remote areas.This could be done through legislative requests or executive representations with concerned government agencies, or if not, through local appropriation.


XIII.Identify Natural Tourist Attractions and Restore and Develop Spanish-Era Structures for Eco-Tourism


Miagao envisions itself to become a major tourist destination in the Visayas.. This can be achieved through the identification of natural tourist attractions and the introduction of development geared towards the eco-tourism industry.

Spanish-era infrastructures, such as the Taytay Boni in Barangay Kirayan Sur, shall be identified and declared initially as local treasures.Measures shall be undertaken to secure national cognizance for such structures from the National historical Institute and other concerned agencies.Such structures will be restored and developed to complement the Miagao Church and serve as additional tourist attractions.

In addition, Taytay Boni may be declared as a historical and recreational park through the promulgation of appropriate legislation.

XIV.Promulgate Other Essential Legislation in Support of the Fifteen-Point Agenda of the Local Chief Executive


In manifestation of the full support of the Sangguniang Bayan to the Fifteen-Point Agenda of the Local Chief Executive, the August Body shall promulgate such measures necessary for the attainment of such agenda, as the need arises.


ADOPTED this 12th day of August 2002, Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines.



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