of the Sangguniang Bayan of the Municipality of Miagao, Province of Iloilo

for Calendar Years 2007-2010



            For the next three (3) years of service of the members of the Sangguniang Bayan as duly elected representatives of the people of Miagao, the August Body vows to live up to the mandate and expectations of its constituents and shall pass and enact legislations aimed towards the development and progress of the Municipality and the improvement of the quality of life and general welfare of the Miagaowanons.


            As the legislative council of the Municipality, the Sangguniang Bayan of Miagao pledges its full support and cooperation to the programs and projects of the present local administration as outlined in the executive agenda for the years 2007-2010 of our Municipal Mayor, the Honorable Mayor Julieta N. Flores. 


            For the coming three years, from July 2007 until June 2010, the Sangguniang Bayan of Miagao shall undertake the following concerns:


  1. Promulgate measures for the welfare and protection of the youth

An ordinance for the protection and welfare of the children and youth pursuant to the Child Welfare Code will be passed.  The ordinances on the sale of alcoholic drinks and tobacco to minors as well as on regulation of gaming centers shall be reviewed for amendment/enhancement and incorporation in the Child Welfare Code.  Suitable areas shall be identified through appropriate legislative measures for the establishment of holding centers for juvenile offenders.  A Municipal College Education Assistance Program shall be set-up to cater to less-privileged yet deserving students.


  1. Promulgate the Gender and Development Code of the municipality

Pursuant to the thrust of the national government on gender initiatives to promote the equality of women, a municipal gender and development code shall be passed.  Support legislative measures for the economic empowerment of women shall likewise be passed and other municipal ordinances shall be reviewed and gender-sensitized. 


  1. Pass appropriate measures for the enhancement of livelihood projects and programs in support of the indigents and less privileged Miagaowanons

Ordinances and resolutions shall be passed to uplift the economic and social condition of the less privileged and indigent members of the community.  The provision of livelihood opportunities in the form of grants, subsidies or assistance shall be considered in such measures, with emphasis on women economic empowerment, as well as cooperatives on agriculture, fisheries, loom weaving and other home-based industries.

  1. Pass appropriate measures for the creation and establishment of additional Health and Day Care Centers and proper training of barangay health and daycare workers


Areas shall be identified for the establishment of additional health and day care centers especially in hinterland communities in order to make such services more accessible to constituents in remote areas.  Appropriations should be provided for the training of barangay health and daycare/pre-school workers for better efficiency.


  1. Review and revise ordinances on the granting of franchises to operate tricycles-for-hire and telecommunications facilities as well as the traffic ordinance

Existing ordinances granting franchises to entities to operate tricycles-for-hire and telecommunications facilities shall be reviewed and revised.  The traffic regulation ordinance will likewise be revised in order to be adaptable to the present traffic and future traffic conditions in the municipality.




  1.  Pass the Municipal Environmental Code and other related legislative measures for the protection of marine, wildlife and watershed areas

In line with the current administration’s thrust towards environmental protection, conservation and preservation, certain coastal areas shall be identified and declared as marine sanctuaries to serve as breeding grounds for fishes and other marine animals, as well as serve as sites for mangrove propagation and the establishment of natural and artificial corral reefs.  This measure is intended to increase the fast-depleting fisheries stock indigenous to the municipality.


            Pursuant to the Wildlife Conservation Act, wildlife species indigenous to the municipality shall be identified and protected by means of a local ordinance or through the adoption of the Wildlife Conservation Act.  This measure intends to preserve forest biodiversity and the delicate balance of the forest ecosystem.


            Birds and butterflies, being prime agents in the dispersal of flora seeds, shall be equally protected by providing sanctuaries for them wherein it shall be declared illegal to capture or harm such creatures in such areas.


            Watershed areas, whose existence are crucial in providing adequate potable water supply to the municipality, shall be identified and protected through the enactment of local regulatory laws or the adoption of national laws such as the National Integrated Protected Areas Act (NIPAs Act).  Aside from providing potable water, watershed areas also increase the natural forest cover and decrease global warming. Watershed areas may also serve as natural attractions to local and foreign eco-tourists.


A Municipal Environmental Code, which shall codify existing and proposed environmental policies of the municipality, shall be promulgated to this effect.



  1.  Revision of the Municipal Fishery Code and legislative support for agriculture and agri-based ventures

The Municipal Fishery Code shall be amended and revised for sustainable and maximized yield from the municipal waters.  Focus on agriculture and agri-based ventures (such as cacao seedling propagation and distribution, dairy cattle, cattle and swine dispersal, vegetable farming, etc.) shall be enhanced with proper legislation.




  1.  Revision of the Municipal Revenue Code and improvement of local income through tourism promotion and development

The existing Municipal Revenue Code shall be revised to reflect new taxes, fees and charges, subject to limitations provided for by law.  Eco-tourism development and promotion shall be given emphasis to increase local income and natural and man-made tourist spots shall be declared and protected through proper legislative action. 


  1. Human Resource Development Program

Human resource development shall be given emphasis by appropriating sufficient amount for trainings, seminars, conferences and capability building of municipal officials and employees. 


  1. Office Automation Program

Adequate amount shall be appropriated for the networking of the various departments with emphasis on real property tax assessment and collection, business permit issuance, tracking and monitoring and electronic new government accounting system (e-NGAS) as well as enhancement of web presence of the LGU through the improvement of the existing municipal website as a medium of information and tourism and business promotion.




  1. Codification Program

All the general ordinances will be codified. The franchise and traffic ordinances will be revised and placed in this Code. Regulatory ordinances on the operation of videoke/ karaoke bars and video houses will be passed and likewise placed in this Code.


Regulation of the installation height of electrical and telecommunications wires and cables in the municipality and the operation of cellular and other telecommunications businesses will promulgated.


Tricycle drivers and associations will be regulated in line with the various programs of the municipality relative to clean and green and the vision of the municipality of becoming a major tourist destination.


  1. Promulgate Other Essential Legislation in Support of the Agenda of the Local Chief Executive

            In manifestation of the full support of the Sangguniang Bayan to the Agenda of the Local Chief Executive, the August Body shall promulgate such measures necessary for the attainment of such agenda, as the need arises. 



            ADOPTED this 18TH day of June 2008, Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines.





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