Brief History

Barangay Agdum is one of the farthest barangay of Miag-ao, Iloilo. It is situated at a hilltop. It has a population of 338 and 95% of which are Catholics.


Barangay Agdum is about 10 kilometers from the poblacion. In the early days, this place is surrounded by the large trees and large numbers of bamboo clumps which impedes the entrance of sunlight. Old settlers called this place “madlum” or “madulom” until it is called Barangay Agdum, its present and official name.


To establish continuity and achievement of development concern. To strengthen economic stability


  1. Observe and implement clean and green program
  2. Maintain and support irrigation system.
  3. To pursue the residents for unity and peace.
  4. For vehicles to enter the barangay.


  1. Conduct seminars to develop their skills with regards to scientific way of farming.
  2. Development of irrigation system.
  3. Observe and implement vegetable gardening program.