“Kun may problema ikaw, ACT on it,. Kun may plano ikaw, ACT on it. Kun may assignment ikaw, ACT on it,” this was the message of Mayor “Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr said in his message to all municipal officials and employees during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony.
ACT for him is an acronym for Acceptance, Commit, and Take Action.
“The world is full of derelict people. Only your persistency and determination is omnipotent. Every one should have determination and persistency. Determined ikaw nga mangin awardee, determined ang oipisina nga mangin awardee kag persistent ikaw sa imo trabaho,” Said Mayor Garin.
It may be noted that Mayor Garin had series of meetings with municipal employees. In the meeting he asked everyone to deliver effective and efficient services to the Miagaowanons.