Mayor Oscar “Richard” S. Garin, Jr immediately ordered for an investigation and resolution of the case of a shooting incident involving Edison Taba, a seaman from Barangay Kirayan Sur, Miagao who was sho
shot to death on July 9, 2022.
In his order to the PNP, Mayor Garin asked PCapt Marvin Buenavista through his representative, to report update by July 21, 2022 (Thursday). As such, the PNP is expected to file the case by then.
Mayor Garin’s order came after the father of the victim Cornelio Taba, 76 years old, personally came to the office with high hopes that Mayor Garin could help in their quest for justice to the death of his son.
“This must be the first case to be solved under my administration,” said Mayor Garin as he bannered “Zero Backlogs” in solving criminalities as one of his priority programs on peace and order under his stint.