According to the 2008 data on establishments* by the Industry and Trade Statistics Office of the National Statistics Office, there are 758,436 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Of the total MSMEs, 91.9% (697,077) are microenterprises, 7.7% (58,292) are small enterprises, and 0.4% (3,067) are medium enterprises. By number of firms, MSMEs formed 99.6% of the total 761,409 Philippine enterprises. Microenterprises posted 1,663,382 jobs, small enterprises accounted for 1,314,065 jobs and medium enterprises posted 3,395,505 million jobs. More than half of Philippine exporters are MSMEs (60%). By enhancing the enabling environment for women’s economic empowerment supported by the GREAT Women Project, national and local partners are able to support the viability and profitability of MSMEs, which provide jobs to a significant segment of the labor force.